The Family Portrait Subscription Plan

So here are the details of the Family Portrait Subscription Plan:

My goal is to provide an exceptional value for the families who decide to enroll in a subscription plan.  The cost of the annual plan will be lower than hiring me for the same number of individual portrait sessions.  I am using the idea of an "Audible" subscription, where you earn a credit every month, based on a subscription price.  The base subscription fee is $60 per month, and that will provide four credits which can be used throughout the calendar year.  Normally, a portrait session is $250.00, so four of them would be $1000 over the year.  But through the subscription, your annual payments will only total $720, for a savings of $280.00 per family.  That's slightly better than "buy 3, get 1 free."

Don't let the big long list of things that I have thought of scare you!  Since this is a new concept, and I don't even know of any other photographers offering a similar service, I tried to brainstorm all sorts of details.  My goal is to have a comprehensive plan where you get a wonderful assortment of family photos, but there are several things I feel that it's very important to clarify right at the outset.  Here are some 'terms and conditions:'

  • This offer is only available for up to a maximum of five families.  I'm afraid if I take on more than that, scheduling sessions will be too challenging.  If, after a period of time with five families it becomes obvious that I could accommodate more, I plan to open up more subscription opportunities.

  • Each credit can be used for a family portrait session or a small family event (like a child's birthday party, etc.) for roughly 60 minutes of photography (a bit more is just fine.)

  • Credits may not be applied to large events (bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, major family reunions, weddings, or any event that will include extensive numbers of people.)

  • Credits may be 'stacked' if you would like to have one 2 to 3 hour session, instead of two shorter ones however, this does not apply to large groups.  Large group photography uses a very different type of set up which requires vastly more time before, during, and after the shoot.  In general, younger children tend to be "over it" after a short session, and in my experience, I have found that extended sessions often result in a lower ratio of great photos.

  • Each session will be delivered to you via a web gallery.  Your subsequent sessions will be added to the same gallery, and you will keep adding extra 'tabs' to that gallery, to build a huge online library of family photos over the years.  I will keep your gallery active as long as you are subscribed as a family.  And, if at any point you want to download the entire contents of your gallery, that is very easy to do.  I encourage everyone to keep downloaded copies, because the more copies we have saved across various platforms, the more protection you have from ever losing a photo.

  • In addition to the web gallery, I can create a personalized cell phone app which will give you all of your photos on your phone or tablet, for quick and easy access to all your family photos!

  • You will have access through the online gallery to download web-resolution digital files for all of your social media sharing needs.

  • Prints, albums, and all other 'products' with the images will be available at a 15% discount below the normal rate for print items.

  • All album design and print preparation is done free of charge.

  • In conjunction with the subscription, there will be a referral program for each of the families enrolled.  For each referral that leads to a paid booking, we'll add an extra credit to your subscription for the year.

  • The base plan includes 4 credits to be used over twelve months. If you need more sessions than that, we can pro-rate additional credits at the rate of $15.00 per month, which is the same rate as the initial 4 credits.  The additional credits may be of interest with families with more children.

  • Booking is on a first come first served basis.  There may be certain dates that I would anticipate booking fairly quickly (i.e. Mother's Day/Father's Day.)  I will be able to meet with more than one family on those dates, but it will all depend on timing and location.

  • Subscription sessions cannot be booked on major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, etc.)  I am generally available on both Mother's and Father's Day.

  • I am a school teacher by day, so I am generally not available on school days, until roughly 4:00 pm (depending on location)

  • I spend a substantial amount of time in July and August out of state but, I almost always have a few weddings or other sessions booked in Pennsylvania.  I'll be happy to book a subscription session on a day adjacent to some other Pennsylvania event, but I don't intend to travel back to PA exclusively for a single subscription session.  If you have children with summer birthdays, and having photos done on the actual birth date is very important to you, let's talk further about the actual dates.

  • You have two options for payment, either a recurring $60.00 payment monthly, or a lump-sum $720.00 for the year.

  • The planned frequency for sessions is roughly one every three months.  That also gives you a beautiful variety of seasons for your images.  If you envision 'stacking' a large portion of your sessions into a particular month or time of year, please discuss that with me in advance, so we make sure it fits in the schedule.

  • In order to keep things as simple as possible, I'm going to have four "on-boarding" dates per year.  Any new subscription will start on these dates:

  • July 1​