Steph & Mark - Folino Estate Winery

Fall weddings are often absolutely beautiful affairs. A fall wedding at a lovely winery with the grape vines, and beautiful scenery and a lovely building? Amazing. This past October I had the most amazing time up in Kutztown, PA, at the Folino Estates Winery. That day was super-special in more ways than one!

First of all, Steph and Mark were not simply clients, they are very good friends of my wife & I. Steph worked at the same academic library as my wife for quite a while, and they are kindred spirits. Not only do they share a passion for epic fantasy and things like the Game of Thrones, but Steph completely understands and treasures the importance of 100-year archival deep matte paper, bound in exactly the correct manner, to last not just one lifetime, but for many. Her wedding album is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

And speaking of Game of Thrones... the wedding included a beautiful head table covered in lanters, books and... a "House Noel" sign! They also happened to grow all their own flowers!

Smores. Did I mention smores? Hysterically, since this wedding, I have had three different brides who have seen this dessert option, and have tried to find one for their own weddings. Folino Estates, Kutztown has one!

One other perk of a wedding at a winery? ....the wine!!! This was from the bride's getting ready room, and there were so many varieties there for them. A lovely touch!

Normally, this would have probably been my "keeper" ring shot. I was really excited by how well it turned out. But when there are books at hand, there is an opportunity to find something meaningful in the text. The book I used was actually a photo we used in Steph & Mark's engagement photos. They were both sitting on a park bench, reading books. (It was a wonderfully appropriate photo knowing them as I do!) . Steph wanted that same book in a photo from her wedding, so she brought it along. I wanted to find something cool inside the book, so I started leafing through the pages, and I found the words "I do." The resulting photo is now the cover image on their album:

It wasn't until after I had the photo on my computer that I realized I also captured the word "diamonds" in the same image. The "I do" was 100% intentional, and I'm really proud of that. The fact that "diamonds" was in there... a total accident, but a very happy one! For any photographers that are reading this post, the image is actually a focus stack of multiple images, using the 100mm f/2.8L macro. If I recall, it was probably about 7 or 8 images, stacked. For those who are not photographers - my apologies for the momentary lapse.

And as I mentioned, there were a whole bunch of different reasons why this wedding was special. I managed to talk my wife into second-shooting with me. She was obviously going to attend the wedding, and as her date, I was going to be more than a little busy, so we shot the wedding together. It was so cool to see the amazing images she produced. I'm 99% sure the photo above is one of hers, actually.

I'm extremely thankful that Steph & Mark were willing to trust me with one of the biggest days of their lives! I'm thrilled that they not only had me capture the images, but also moved forward with printing high-end lovely work. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your work done on such gorgeous paper, and presented in such an elegant way.


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