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Photographers tend to get very attached to their equipment. They are tools, but we also spend a great amount of time learning the quirks, the ins & outs... speaking for myself, I tend to want to really spread the "love" for the gear that I have bonded with. As a reviewer, I have also had the great fortune to test a TON of gear. When I decide to buy a tripod, I review 40 of them, then buy the one I like best. I did the exact same thing with filters, and with a messenger bag... so my recommendations come with a very wide frame of reference, and a lot of familiarity with the products that are out in the marketplace. SO... here is a breakdown of my most favorite photography 'stuff,' and some links to purchase. In some cases, I have created an affiliate relationship with these manufacturers, and I do benefit in a small way if you decide to take my recommendation and click on the link to buy. THANK YOU for your support!

Camera Bodies

I shoot exclusively Canon bodies for my professional work. I use the Canon 5D Mark IV for portraits, landscapes and weddings. For surf and bird photography, I use the Canon 7D Mark II.


For the most part I shoot Canon L lenses. I am currently exploring some of the after-market lens options from Lensbaby, Sigma, Tamron and Zeiss, but if you see me shooting at a wedding or a commercial shoot, you will almost definitely see the following lenses:

Canon 15mm fisheye (discontinued by Canon)

Canon 16-35 f/2.8L (I have version II, but if buying now, I would get version III.)

Canon 24-70 f/2.8L version II

Canon 70-200 f/2.8L version II

Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro L

Canon 100-400mm 3.5-5.6L version II

Tripod & Ball Head

I literally reviewed 40 different tripod and ball heads before making my final decision. During the review process, I was outright gifted a vast number of tripods from the manufacturers. After all of the freebies, why did I decide to go out and BUY my tripod gear? Because it is THAT good. After a full year of shooting with the industries finest tripods, I have fallen in love with FLM. If you are interested in purchasing FLM tripods or ball heads, send me an email, and I will introduce you directly to the FLM rep. He will give you a discount, and I recieve a small commission. If you are in the Philadelphia or North Carolina area, I would be ecstatic to show this equipment to you! My primary rig is a CP-30 with a CB48FTR. My travel legs are the CP-26.


Just like I did with tripods, I undertook an intensive research project to find the finest filters in the world. After testing and reviewing over 30 different filters, there wasn't even a close second place. My filter recommendation: Breakthrough Photography. Just a little side note - the MindShift Gear Hive is the most amazing way to transport your filters! It took me too long to find this gem!

Flashes & Triggers

Currently I shoot with Canon speed lights and Phottix Odin triggers. This is an area that I will be undertaking as a major research project in 2018, and by years' end, I'll have a different recommendation for sure. There are a TON of lighting options out there in the marketplace, and I have yet to truly delve in and find out what better options are out there... watch for upcoming reviews!

Flash Modifiers

MagMod is absolutely revolutionary when it comes to shaping light on the fly. I'm sure that I will be uncovering a much wider array of lighting modifiers, but for fast, portable, spectacular flexibility, nothing can compare to MagMod.

Holster System

When I am doing longer shoots, I rely very much on the Spider Dual Holster system. The Spider system works just like a gun holster, and you carry your cameras at your waist, instead of around your neck. My back and neck used to be in excruciating pain after a wedding or a long commercial shoot. With the weight carried on my hips instead, that pain is gone!

Single Holster System

Dual Holster System

Spider Hand Strap

Think Tank Signature 13

I wrote a review on this bag on the blog... it's absolutely spectacular. Here's the link to the review, and here's the link to purchase!

Think Tank Streetwalker Rolling Backpack v2.0

This backpack offers both shoulder straps for carrying like a traditional backpack, and wheels and a luggage handle for use like luggage. It pairs PERFECTLY with the Signature 13.


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