Recommended Gear

Photographers tend to get very attached to their equipment. They are tools, but we also spend a great amount of time learning the quirks, the ins & outs... speaking for myself, I tend to want to really spread the "love" for the gear that I have bonded with. As a reviewer, I have also had the great fortune to test a TON of gear. When I decide to buy a tripod, I review 40 of them, then buy the one I like best. I did the exact same thing with filters, and with a messenger bag... so my recommendations come with a very wide frame of reference, and a lot of familiarity with the products that are out in the marketplace. SO... here is a breakdown of my most favorite photography 'stuff,' and some links to purchase. In some cases, I have created an affiliate relationship with these manufacturers, and I do benefit in a small way if you decide to take my recommendation and click on the link to buy. THANK YOU for your support!

Camera Bodies

I shoot exclusively Canon bodies for my professional work. I use the Canon 5D Mark IV for portraits, landscapes and weddings. For surf and bird photography, I use the Canon 7D Mark II.


For the most part I shoot Canon L lenses. I am currently exploring some of the after-market lens options from Lensbaby, Sigma, Tamron and Zeiss, but if you see me shooting at a wedding or a commercial shoot, you will almost definitely see the following lenses:

Canon 15mm fisheye (discontinued by Canon)

Canon 16-35 f/2.8L (I have version II, but if buying now, I would get version III.)

Canon 24-70 f/2.8L version II

Canon 70-200 f/2.8L version II

Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro L

Canon 100-400mm 3.5-5.6L version II

Tripod & Ball Head

I literally reviewed 40 different tripod and ball heads before making my final decision. During the review process, I was outright gifted a vast number of tripods from the manufacturers. After all of the freebies, why did I decide to go out and BUY my tripod gear? Because it is THAT good. After a full year of shooting with the industries finest tripods, I have fallen in love with FLM. If you are interested in purchasing FLM tripods or ball heads, send me an email, and I will introduce you directly to the FLM rep. He will give you a discount, and I recieve a small commission. If you are in the Philadelphia or North Carolina area, I would be ecstatic to show this equipment to you! My primary rig is a CP-30 with a CB48FTR. My travel legs are the CP-26.


Just like I did with tripods, I undertook an intensive research project to find the finest filters in the world. After testing and reviewing over 30 different filters, there wasn't even a close second place. My filter recommendation: Breakthrough Photography. Just a little side note - the MindShift Gear Hive is the most amazing way to transport your filters! It took me too long to find this gem!

Flashes & Triggers

Currently I shoot with Canon speed lights and Phottix Odin triggers. This is an area that I will be undertaking as a major research project in 2018, and by years' end, I'll have a different recommendation for sure. There are a TON of lighting options out there in the marketplace, and I have yet to truly delve in and find out what better options are out there... watch for upcoming reviews!

Flash Modifiers