Karin & Kyle - Graeme Park

Everyone's wedding is unique to them. Actually, one of the things that I enjoy most about wedding photography is capturing all the little moments that a couple has inserted into the schedule of the day to make it truly THEIR wedding. I don't think I have ever seen a wedding that was so completely personalized as the wedding of Karin & Kyle.

This beautiful wedding took place at Graeme State Park, in Horsham, PA. I have been by there so many times, I don't live too far away, but I had never been there for an event! I had completely underestimated the venue. The thing that made it so perfectly suited for Karin & Kyle was that they were doing everything by hand/from scratch. And I do mean EVERYTHING!

First, let's start with the dress. This beautiful wedding dress was made completely by hand, by Karin's mother. It was absolutely stunning! Not only was it obvious that Mrs. Wolset is a world-class seamstress, but there is just something so unbelievably tender about the obvious love and caring that goes into making a gown from scratch for a wedding.

But that was definitely not the only personalized touch for the day. Her father got into the act by building the entire bar himself! Not only that, but he brewed the cider, the beer and made the wine, too! I was 'on the job,' so I only allowed myself to sample one of these beverages, but I am a huge fan of cider, and the cider made by Mr. Wolset was absolutely out of this world delicious.

Karin got into the action herself, making her own couples cake and the individual wedding cupcakes! I'm not quite sure who was responsible for the adorable cork cake toppers, but they were an absolutely perfect personalized touch atop the cake which was part of such an incredibly personalized wedding.

One of the most impressive items built by a family member that I didn't even get a good photo of was the bar itself! It was constructed out of reclaimed barn wood. It was so professional looking, I didn't even realize it was part of their decorations - I thought it belonged to Graeme Park or perhaps the caterer. The same repurposed wood approach was also applied to a barn door that was very cleverly used for everyone's table assignments. Each guest received a 'church key,' which is actually a cleverly disguised bottle opener! The door where all the keys were hanging was again fully prepared by Mr. Wolset.

This wedding was stunning not only in the items that are traditionally from the "wedding industry" side of things (the flowers were just insanely beautiful,) but far moreso because of the really special personal touches that permeated the entire event. Every moment of the night was so completely "theirs."

As I look back through the images of the Neudecker wedding, though, one part of the ceremony is more unique than just about any other. And to appreciate that unique part of their special day, you have to know that Karin has a very close connection to the part of her family that still resides in Sweden. They attended the wedding in a group known collectively as "The Swedes." As a newly inducted male into the family, Kyle had to be inducted into the helmet clan, in a ceremony that was utterly hysterical. He didn't know it was coming. In fact, I played a small part in keeping him distracted while they set it up inside... by pretending to shoot him playing disc golf in the dark. I have a whole series of completely black images where I was basically faking the ability to photograph Kyle in complete darkness, throwing frisbee discs at a basket. Hilarious!

The connection and love of families is always a part of any wedding day. But this wedding day was so very different... so very special! The personal touches touched every single aspect of the wedding, in such profound and sweet ways. I'm so deeply thankful to have had the opportunity to help document this amazing day, and to capture the images (and in some cases the evidence) from such a unique wedding. I wish Karin & Kyle a lifetime of moments just as unique and special to each other as the day they got married.


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