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Many years ago I walked into Cardinal Camera, in Lansdale, PA.  I bumped into the owner, Kurt, and mentioned that I lead a camera club at school.  I was explaining how much the kids love to learn about photography, and how real cameras work.  When I mentioned that one challenge was that so many of them didn't have access to a camera, he started filling a bag.  When I left the store a bit later, I had a huge assortment of cameras that I could put into the hands of "my" kids.  I also had found my camera store for life.  

Fast-forward to 2018... I again was chatting with Kurt, and we decided that it would be really cool if I could come in and share my passion for photography with his other customers.  I started teaching some classes, and before you know it, I had formed a wonderful connection with SO MANY local photographers!!!  I get so much enjoyment and pleasure out of helping people advance in their photography journey.  

Now, in Spring of 2020, we are faced with the shut-down of all non-essential businesses in a truly crazy time.  Small businesses are being hit unbelievably hard.  I started trying to brainstorm ways that I could give back to Cardinal Camera, for all that they have given me over the years, and here is the fruit of that brainstorming.  I am going to launch a series of online photo talks with some of my favorite photographers as guest stars.  We are going to "sit down" via an online meeting, and get amazing insights and information about Photography, from a wide array of professional photographers.

These sessions are going to be very affordably priced, at $25.00 each.  The goal is to generate as much as we possibly can to help support Cardinal Camera, a cherished local camera store, and to spread some love.  I hope you can join me for some of these talks... maybe even all of these talks!  Come to learn, come to share in a wonderful community of photography, come just to escape the craziness of this insane time!  

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Often the solo adventuress, Bender roams the globe, exploring Earth's natural beauty. Her images have been featured in galleries from New York to Las Vegas, while her work as an international artist has been recognized from Japan to the U.K.

Bender is happiest in the field and passionate about sharing unique animals and environments from around the world in hopes of connecting people to the planet through imagery. She believes that connection is key to promoting environmental awareness and protecting vulnerable species and their habitats.

When she isn’t leading tours or teaching classes, she writes location guides and blogs about her adventures on her website while sharing images on social media.


Find more of her work at:

Instagram: @abenderphoto


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