Photo Talks

I have a group that meets every Monday evening, at 7:00 pm Eastern time.  Our meetings are a wonderful opportunity to build a social connection with other passionate photographers.  Each week we follow the same outline:

1st: We do an image review from each of our members.  Images are from the previous week's shooting assignment.

2nd: We look at some sort of gear-related topic.  Sometimes this is camera or lens gear, others it is accessories, and many other things make appearances, like software, plug-ins and actions, etc.

3rd: We look at a specific technique.  Again, sometimes it's camera related, sometimes it's more esoteric, and sometimes it's post-processing.  Every week is a new topic, and something different!

4th: Portfolio study for a notable photographer.  We dive into their portfolio and try to deduce what they are doing both compositionally, as well as the way their body of work stands as a collection.

5th: Last, but not least, we have a shooting assignment for the coming week, to give us all goals!

If you are interested in joining our Camera Club, shoot me a message at